Crysta and Lilth


This is the story of how Crysta met Lilth. (©SunBlind)

Crysta finished removing the dishes from the table. She then picked up a wet cloth and started to wash them. "Crysta, where are you?" she heard someone call.

"I'm over here," she replied thinking where else would she be after supper was finished.

A rather strict woman walked into the kitchen area, her eyes searching for the blond haired girl. "Those can wait. Your Lord and Lady are going to a Hatching today and thought that you would be a good choice to look after the baby. Why, I wouldn't know." She gave Crysta a careful look over. "And get changed into something more appropriate. You look like a kitchen drudge." The woman turned and left.

"Why shouldn't I look like a kitchen drudge when I'm treated like one," Crysta muttered as she dropped the cloth into a bucket. At least she could do something more interesting today, well different anyway. She ran upstairs to change into her best.

"What's taking you so long?" the woman said from the doorway, tappping her foot on the floor impatiently. "Hurry up."

"I'm ready," Crysta said pushing past her and hurried down the hall to where the Lady Holder was waiting for her.

"I will return tonight, I trust you will take good care of Nelani while I am gone," the Lady said as she pushed the baby into Crysta's arms.

"Of course my Lady," Crysta replied, following her outside. There the Lord Holder was talking to the brown rider. Crysta could barely hold back a gasp as her eyes fell on the huge dragon. Soon a blue came out from Between into the sky above. She watched with awe as the great beast circled lazily looking for a spot to land. They must have come for the harper, she thought. The baby gurgled happily as she watched the blue thing in the sky.

The smaller dragon finally landed nearby, the wind raised by its large wings nearly knocking Crysta over. She turned around to protect Nelani from the dust being blown through the air. She watched as the harper ran from the hold towards the blue. She then turned back to her Lord and Lady.

"It's unfortunate that not many candidates were found for the gold egg this time," the brown rider was saying as he helped the Lady up his dragon. Crysta tried not to laugh since the Lady looked rather ridiculous as she clambered up the dragon's shoulder. Just then the blue rider came over to her and took a really good look at her. "Come on," he said, "We haven't much time. Telth here thinks you have great potential, and he's rarely wrong" He motioned to a woman standing off to the side and handed her the baby. Then, much to everyone's surprise he grabbed Crysta by the arm and forced her up behind the harper who smiled. Everyone else just stared. Before she had a chance to protest the dragon was in the air and had gone Between.

The next thing Crysta saw was dragons of all colours and sizes coming at her in every direction. The harper laughed, "Don't worry, dragons always seem to know where the others are. There's no need to suffocated me!" Crysta loosened her grasp on the harper's waist, but not too much.

"Out of my way!" Telth's rider called out, then flew into the opening rather than landing, coming out right into the hatching grounds. The candidates were already on the sands, the room filled with expectant people as the eggs started to wobble. The blue landed and the rider nearly flung her off as he pointed to where the two other girls dressed in white robes were standing, "No time to get changed, just go out there."

Crysta ran across the hots sands towards the gold egg which was now rocking violently, the humming from the dragons filling her ears. Just as she arrived the egg cracked open and with a squeak the little queen fell out. She blinked her eyes at Crysta then headed toward a brown haired girl. Never mind that she hadn't impressed, Crysta never thought she would see a hatching, let alone this close up!

As the sands were emptying out of candidates and their newfound dragonets, Crysta was suddenly aware of a kind of murmuring in the crowd. "Look at that little green, she's heading right for that girl over there!" "I've never seen anything like it!" "That silly girl had better turn around or......."

Crysta never heard the last of that comment as she was knocked over by a very eager green dragon. ~My name is Lilth. I'm hungry!~ It took Crysta a good minute to realize that the green was actually talking to her. ~Feed me!~, Lilth repeated.

Name: Lilth
Rider: Crysta
Color: Green (female)
Parents: Gold Shaundith x Bronze Allanth
Weyr: The Silver Unicorn (agency closed)
September 5, 1998