K'rac - Fire Parents

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If you are interested in breeding a S'raar, but have none, or don't have time to ask permission, check the last column. The fosterers that have allowed free breeding of their S'raar will have a N in that column indicating no permission is required. If there is a Y you must get permission first. Fosterers are of course allowed to change their mind, just email me to let me know I should change your S'raar's breeding status.

The codes are mostly for my own purposes, so I know how I had given them out originally and whether they should at any time be considered abandonned if not posted.

  • F - free giveaway, can be abandonned and given out again
  • T - trade, never abandonned
  • S - sold, whether through Wajas or anything else, never abandonned
  • C - commission, never abandonned
  • G - gift, never abandonned

Any giveaways without a working link are in danger of being abandonned!

EF1 ? F - - F DS Y
EF2 ? M - - F Mistress Kyuukon Y
EF3 ? F - - F BlueMist Y
EF4 ? F - - F M. Acire Y
EF5 ? F - - F Heather Y
EF6 ? M Flames along arms and legs - F Labrynth Y
EF7 ? F - - F Kreedan Y
EF8 ? M - Canada Day F Trin Earth Y
EF9 Tikera F Spines instead of flame Halloween F AirRaiser Y
EF10 Sumuin M - - F Luminaire N
EF11 ? M - - F Only1jc Y
EF12 ? F - Halloween - Vampire F DF Y
EF13 Chalanasta F - - F Cynther N
EF14 Volcano M - - F Silvanon Y

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Last Updated : March 2008