Yes, unfortunately there are a few rules. The parents of the ones you are to adopt wish to ensure the safety of their hatchlings. These rules will also aid in helping others of pure heart and dreams of magic to find their way to the hidden valley.

  • You must have a website.

  • Your website must be kidsafe, no pornography, no racism, etc.....

  • When you post your Seaskrae, try not to have more than two or three other creatures on the page. Preferably aquatic, and preferably not something that would intend to eat your Seaskrae. After all, you would probably be most uncomfortable having to worry about becoming someone's lunch!

  • Please post the images in a reasonable amount of time. By reasonable, I mean about a month, anything longer than a month and you may get a warning. Ignore the warning and the Seaskrae may break its bond with you as it goes insane in the darkness of your harddrive.

  • Do not alter the images, create headshots, or claim that you drew them. I maintain the copyright to all Seaskrae. If you wish to do something with them, please ask first.

  • The page must have a link back to my main adoption page, from there others can find the Ocean of the Seaskrae -

  • If you move the page your Seaskrae is on please remember tell me the new url or it will be considered abandonned and given to another (I will check every now and then)

  • I do not require a premade page, nor a premade persona, though the Seaskrae will need someone to bond with. Whether this person is yourself or a character you create, it matters not.

  • If you break any of these rules, the Seaskrae will most likely sever the bond and find another to be its companion.


Created: February 2008