Species Information


Seaskrae, as all other fish, are hatched from eggs. These eggs are often in the dominant colour of the adult fish. However, the hatchling is almost always a dull grey. After fledging, they appear to humans as familiar fish, perhaps cod, or a flounder. This is to keep the younger hatchlings safe, and to allow them to observe the humans and find a suitable bond. Then, on the night of a full moon, when they are ready to bond, they shed their dull scales and display their true colour and form.


More often than not, it is the Seaskrae that finds the human, and not the other way around. The bond permits the Seaskrae to communicate telepathically with its human, though some Seaskrae are capable of communicating with all humans. A few are excellent mimics and may even be capable of audible speech. The bond is not necessarily permanent. The Seaskrae is capable of closing its mind to the human it had chosen, and finding another. This it may do if it feels abandonned or neglected, or even abused. Some are so scarred from this experience that they do not bond again, others will keep trying.


The Seaskrae are divided amongst several races, each with its own characteristics and powers. For example, a shark-like Windskrae can almost always be recognized as a Sea Hunter. New bloodlines appear all the time as the different races mix and breed, the offspring taking a little of each parent and mixing it with a little of its own.


Each race has inherent powers and abilities, of which you can find out more on the races page.


Seaskrae can exist in all kinds of aquatic regions from shallow streams to ocean depths, from salty seas to clear lakes. Keep in mind some regions are very inhospitable, and that the Seaskrae's magic talent must be what permits them to survive those harsher places. Some may even be capable of living in toxic swamps, or even on land.


Seaskrae do not take permanent mates, prefering to breed with whatever female is availabe during the mating season. As they are not particular about their mates, their Bonds may choose their mates for them, perhaps attempting to breed specific traits, whether they be colour, marking or in form.

Mutations And Elementals

It is hard to imagine what could be considered a mutation when the norm itself is so very varied. Some special Seaskrae may be elementals, also known as deities. They will have more accessories and will be very rare.

The Others Species

The Seaskrae are one of four sibling species, with the Seaskrae representing Water. Air is represented by the Windskrae. The other two remain yet unknown to the human eye, but perhaps one day they may join their counterparts, open their hearts, and bond with a human soul.


Created: February 2008